Emergency actions in the Syrian Arab Republic

Mosaic Scene with bathers stolen in Hama, Syria, November 2011, 2012/307779-1.7 © INTERPOL


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  • With reference to Resolution 2043 (2012) of the UN Security Council, the Director General has formally contacted the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the Security Council to inform them of the specific threats on Syrian heritage and ask them to alert the Special Envoy of the United Nations on the importance to ensure compliance with the provisions of the various international conventions on the protection of cultural property.

March 2012: alerts et international appeals

  • Press release, 30 March 2012: Director-General of UNESCO appeals for protection of Syria’s cultural heritage
  • The Director General alerted by mail UNESCO's partneres in the fight against illicit traffic of cultural property (INTERPOL, WCO, OCBC and the Carabinieri) so as to increase vigilance regarding the traffic of cultural property. To ensure an effective fight against the risk of illicit export of cultural property, the neighbouring countries of Syria have also been mobilized.
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