“Protecting Cultural Property: International Conference on the 20th anniversary of the 1999 Second Protocol to the 1954 Hague Convention” 25-26 April 2019 Geneva, Switzerland

In commemoration of 20 years anniversary of the 1999 Second Protocol, UNESCO with the support of the Government of Switzerland is organizing a conference on “Protecting Cultural Property: International Conference on the 20th anniversary of the 1999 Second Protocol to the 1954 Hague Convention” scheduled to take place from 25 to 26 April 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. Twenty years ago, under the auspices of UNESCO, the international community reiterated their will to preserve cultural heritage and adopted the Second Protocol to the 1954 Hague Convention on the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict. The Second Protocol introduced new developments in international humanitarian law and of cultural heritage, promising a higher level of protection in administrative, legal, military and technical areas.

The first meeting of its kind, the Conference will convene States representatives, experts and other stakeholders to share and deliberate on the achievements and challenges facing the implementation of the Second Protocol, and to provide a clear and coherent vision for its future. It is an ideal opportunity to increase the visibility and raise awareness of the instrument and to encourage UNESCO Member states to become party to the 1999 Second Protocol if they have not already done so. To date, 82 states are Parties to this treaty.

On behalf of UNESCO, the Conference will be opened by Mr Ernesto Ottone Ramírez, Assistant Director-General for Culture, and on behalf of Switzerland by Ms Pascale Baeriswyl, State Secretary, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Switzerland. Mr Michael Møller, Director General of the United Nations Office at Geneva and Mr Balthasar Staehelin, Deputy Director of International Committee of Red Cross, will also deliver opening statements. More than 250 participants, including ministers, are expected to attend the event.


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Programme of the Conference


Final Programme : EN | FR





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Registration to the Conference


We should be grateful if you would confirm your participation at this International Conference by registering online at:    www.unesco.org/culture/1954convention/geneva2019/registration at your earliest convenience and preferably by 31 March 2019.

For further queries, please contact Ms Shinuna Karume-Robert (geneva2019@unesco.org;Tel +33145681792).


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Date and Venue


Conference title: "Protecting Cultural Property: International Conference on the 20th anniversary of the 1999 Second Protocol to the 1954 Hague Convention"

Date: 25 Thursday–26 Friday April 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland


17 rue de Varembé

1202 Geneva

Tel: +41 (0) 791 91 11

The meeting will take place in Conference room 2 of the International Conference Centre of Geneva (CICG),

Hours of venue: Opening hours 07:00 a.m.- Closing hours 19:00 p.m.

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Acces to the Venue


The CICG is situated within the United Nations area of Geneva.

  • Parking

The Parking des Nations is located 50 meters from the CICG. With more than 2200 places available, you will have no trouble parking your vehicle for the duration of your conference.


Public transportation

  • From the station

You will need on average 10 minutes to get from “Gare Cornavin” to the CICG with one of the following possibilities:

  1. Bus 5: Departing from the Gare Cornavin and getting off at the stop “Vermont”
  2. Bus 8: Departing from the Gare Cornavin and getting off at the stop “UIT”
  3. Bus F: Departing from the Gare Cornavin and getting off at the stop “Varembé”

For itineraries of all buses and trams, please click here. Click here : Public transportation map


  • From the airport

Whether you are coming by public transport or by taxi, you will need around 15 minutes to reach the CICG from Geneva International Airport:

  1. Bus 5: Departing from the airport and getting off at the stop Vermont
  2. By taxi: Around 15 minutes depending on traffic. 
  3. By train: www.geneva.info/airport/train/

Don't forget to pick up Your free 80 minutes public transport ticket at luggage retrieving hall, just before leaving the arrival zone on the left.

Click here : Geneva map 



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Facilities at the Venue


Conference room 2 is located on the ground floor of the CICG building.

There is a coffee bar (bar Léman) within close vicinity as well as a large open multi-purpose space.

A number of unattended coat stands are available in several parts of the building. The Organization cannot accept responsibility for coats or belongings left there.

Smoking is not permitted in the CICG.

Participants are requested to take utmost precautions with their personal property. UNESCO nor the CICG will be responsible for the loss of personal objects left unattended at meetings.

Wireless Network

Wireless Internet access is available in the Conference centre:

  • Username: UNESCO
  • Password: MEETING
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Catering for participants


Kindly note that UNESCO will provide tea, coffee and lunch during the two days of the conference (25 & 26  April). All participants are invited to attend a cocktail reception on Thursday 25 April 2019 starting at 17h30 in the Conference centre.


In addition, the CICG coffee bar (Bar Léman) and the cafeteria offer a variety of coffees and other hot and cold beverages as well as snacks, charges will be borne by the participants directly.

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Starling Hotel Geneva and Hotel Eden Geneva propose preferential rates for the participants of the Geneva Conference. In order to benefit from the proposed rates please follow the registration process detailed below before 1 April 2019.

Starling Hotel Geneva ****

Address: 34, Route Francois-Peyrot, 1218 Geneva, Switzerland

Rate: 185 CHF for a single or double room

Please use the following link to make a reservation bit.do/geneva2019

Website of the hotel: www.starling-hotel-geneva.com


Hotel Eden Geneva ***

Address: 135, rue de Lausanne, Paquis, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland

Rate: 155 CHF for a single room or 185 CHF for a double room including breakfast

Please send the following code “UNESCO_24-26.04.2019” to eden(at)eden.ch to make a reservation

Website of the hotel: www.eden.ch


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Visa to Switzerland


Based on their nationality, participants attending conferences in Switzerland may require a visa to enter the Swiss territory. The list of nationalities subject to visas can be found by consulting the following link: https://www.sem.admin.ch/sem/en/home/publiservice/weisungen-kreisschreiben/visa/liste1_staatsangehoerigkeit.html 

The following documents are needed when applying for a visa: 

  • A valid travel document (must be valid for at least 3 months after the return date and issued within the last 10 years) and a copy of it
  • When needed a valid residency permit or equivalent document (e.g. exit/return visa): to ensure that the applicant is allowed to travel back to his/her country of residence.
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs
  • A letter of invitation from UNESCO mentioning the applicant’s first and last names (exactly the same as in the passport), purpose and duration of visit. It should also be indicated if the inviting party covers travel, accommodation and other costs associated with the stay
  • Note verbale from the applicant’s government (for officials only)
  • A proof of health and repatriation insurance valid for the Schengen states and covering a minimum amount of 30’000 euros (for holders of ordinary passport only)
  • A hotel reservation;
  • A flight reservation / booking, including return flight;

Additional documents may be required by the Swiss Embassy / Consulate

Fore more information please click here : Entry visas for Switzerland 

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Personal security


Geneva can be regarded as a safe city with a low rate of violent crime.  However, pick pocketing and purse or cell-phone snatching do occur in the vicinity of train and bus stations, airports and in some public parks. Please be vigilante.

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Practical Information

Post office, Travel agency and Banking

A Post Office is situated within a 2 minute walk from the Conference centre.  It is open from Monday to Friday from 08:00-12:00 and 14:00-18:00.  It provides full postal, telegraph and telephone facilities.

There is a travel agency within a 5 minute walk of the Conference centre. It handles tickets and bookings for all travel, including confirmation of return flights, car rentals, hotel reservation, travellers’ cheques, etc.  It is open from 09:00-12:00 and 13:00 -18:00 (Monday to Friday).

The local currency is Swiss Francs (CHF). Most places will accept Euros returning change in CHF. It is, however, recommended to have the local currency. Most restaurants and shops accept credit cards.

There is a branch of the Union des Banques Suisses (UBS) which handles routine banking and exchange operations.  It is located next to the Conference centre (a 2 minute walk).  It is open from on weekdays from 08:30-16:30.

Flight Schedules

See www.gva.ch/en/ for detailed information about arrival and departure flight schedules to/from Geneva.


Geneva climate is mild with average temperatures during the month of April varying from 12°C (523F) to 18°C (60°F).


Electricity in Switzerland is 230V AC and the frequency is 50 Hz.  We recommend a Europlug adaptor for best results in Switzerland.

Emergency numbers

  • Security 11117
  • Medical Emergencies 11114
  • Fire 11117
  • Lost property 13153

UNESCO staff numbers 



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