10th Meeting of the High Contracting Parties

UNESCO Headquarters, Room XI, Paris, France, 16 December 2013 - 10h00-13h00

The main purpose of this meeting is to provide an update on activities regarding the implementation of the Hague Convention and its 1954 and 1999 Protocols since the Ninth Meeting of High Contracting Parties (December 2011).
The meeting will also give the opportunity to exchange views on national implementation of these agreements.

Final Report EN | FR

Recommendations EN | FR

Speech of the Chairperson of the Committee  EN | FR 

Working Document

  • Provisional Agenda
    CLT-13/10.HCP/CONF.201/1: EN | FR | ESAR | RUCH

Information Documents

  • List of participants
    CLT-13/5.SP/CONF.202/INF.1: EN/FR
  • Report of the Secretariat on its activities
    CLT-13/10.COM/CONF.201/INF.2: EN | FR
  • UNESCO’s Standard Plan of Action to Protect Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict
    CLT-13/10.HCP/CONF.201/INF.3: ENFR
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