Preparatory Regional Conference for Arts Education for Asia and the Pacific

sA regional preparatory conference for Asia and the Pacific was organised in preparation of the World Conference on Arts Education 2006.

The purposes of this Conference, was to study the current situation of arts education and the modalities used in different countries in combining education and arts, to reflect the impact of the arts in enhancing children’s learning capacity, and to build and strengthen networking and solidarity in the field of arts education.

The Objectives of the Asian regional conference were:

  • to examine the current situation of arts education in Asia and the Pacific Region
  • to analyze the instrumentality of the use of arts for educational purposes within Asian and Pacific contexts
  • to enhance the quality of arts education in the region by learning and identifying methods to contribute to children’s development and achievement through arts education, and sharing experiences and best practice models among the participants
  • to strengthen networks in arts education in the region, and to expand the scope of the Asia-Pacific Arts in Education Observatories recently established under the auspices of UNESCO
  • to adopt the Asia-Pacific recommendations to be brought forward to the World Conference on Arts Education.

Recommendations (PDF):

Conference information (PDF):

Organizing Agencies : Ministry of Culture and Tourism of ROK, UNESCO, Korean National Commission for UNESCO

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