UNESCO-KACES Arts Education Glossary Research

This project is a research on a glossary of arts education that aims at facilitating the global comprehension of the state of arts education. The Korea Arts and Culture Education Service initiated the research in preparation to the Second World Conference on Arts Education of UNESCO (25-28 May 2010, Seoul) and presented a basic structure of 13 facets, which tried to bring together key words on arts education. Based on comments and remarks of international experts, UNESCO has further developed the potential use of the glossary as a tool for archiving and indexing arts education practice cases in the world. The facet structure of the glossary has been reorganized to a basic structure demonstrating practice cases according to the 5W1H method (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How), in order to improve the practicality and usability of this research tool.

The UNESCO-KACES Arts Education Glossary Research is available in English and French.

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