Korea Arts and Culture Education Service (KACES)

The Korea Arts and Culture Education Service (KACES) was established in 2005 to ensure an effective and systematic implementation of fundamental goals of the Culture and Arts Education Promotion Master Plan, jointly prepared by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of Education and Science Technology of South Korea. The main projects of KACES are training arts and culture education professionals, allocating them to public schools and communities nationwide, conducting research and development in arts and culture educational materials, statistics, curriculum and performance evaluation and collaborating with international institutions to promote arts and culture education. 

As an observatory, KACES contributes to the overall arts and culture education fields with information on its various arts and culture education programs and the outcomes, details of training courses, research results in academic and practical areas and statistics. KACES also collaborates with UNESCO Bangkok and other observatories to develop and promote the Asia Pacific Arts-education Hub (APAH), an online information hub which will serve as a collection, dissemination, and communication platform for the network and the arts education community as a whole.

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