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The site contains a certain number of case studies, research papers and pilot projects on the teaching of dance, music, theatre, poetry and visual arts, as well as information on primary school teaching in Africa, Asia and Latin America, accessible by clicking on the interactive map on the left of the screen.These resources neither represent all research projects on arts education nor global studies. They recommend, in particular, a deeper appreciation of the role of art and creativity in the school environment within different geo-cultural contexts.

It also has a new approach to arts education beginning with knowledge of the local and national cultural and artistic environment and therefore reversing the traditional Western-oriented logic, value and hierarchy of arts education.

As part of UNESCO's Programme and Budget for artistic creativity in 2002-2006, a series of draft studies was planned to examine the question of the programmes and contents of arts education and creativity at different levels of the school system in the different geo-cultural regions. On the basis of the existing curriculum these studies aimed at introducing the various aspects of national culture and popular art forms in the main artistic disciplines such as music, dance, theatre and the plastic and oral traditions. The focus is to introduce into the teaching of children from the first primary school classes.


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