The First World Conference on Arts Education was heralded as a success by the international community. It was the first global gathering solely devoted to arts education, bringing together 1200 participants from 97 UNESCO Member States. The main outcome from Conference was the Road Map for Arts Education, a policy-guiding document aimed at providing advocacy and guidance for the strengthening of Arts Education at country level.

Furthermore, the Government of the Republic of Korea proposed to host the next edition of the World Conference on Arts Education in Seoul, providing a coherent follow-up for the First World Conference.

In addition, an alliance was formed between the three participating NGOs INSEA (International Society for Education through Art), ISME (International Society for Music Education) and IDEA (International Drama/Theatre and Education Association), in order to form a stronger coalition in the promotion of Arts Education.

Finally, the Conference established a stronger basis for the exchange of ideas, practices and knowledge to encourage future developments in the field of Arts Education, gathering the main actors involved in Arts Education: Ministries of Culture and/or Education, representatives from NGOs, researchers, artists, practitioners and specialists in the field of arts education.

  • Report - Closing Session of the First World Conference on Arts Education
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