Aims of the Second World Conference on Arts Education

The Second World Conference on Arts Education has three main perspectives :

  • Assessing the progress of the Road Map for Arts Education

To this end, UNESCO launched a questionnaire on the implementation of the Road Map at country level in February 2009. As well as evaluating the Road Map as an effective policy-guiding tool, this questionnaire offers the possibility to oversee the diversity of standards, strategies and applications of arts education according to various geo-cultural contexts. 

The final evaluation of the Road Map was presented at the 2nd World Conference.

  • Reinforcing socio-cultural dimensions of arts education

As well as highlighting the value of arts education in the promotion of cultural diversity and social cohesion, the Second World Conference will explore and embrace the wide range of learning environments and opportunities in and out of institutional education settings. Special attention will also be paid to enhancing different modalities of partnerships for arts education, both cross-disciplinary and inter-sectoral.

  • Building capacities for research on arts education

A review of the state of knowledge on research capacities for arts education will be made during the Second World Conference, with the aim of building support systems for approaches measuring the impact of arts education, producing evidence-based information and assuring its equitable distribution. To this end, collective research efforts will be emphasised: UNESCO Chairs, Network of observatories in Asia and the Pacific, the pilot Glossary project, etc…


Questionnaire on the Implementation of the Road Map
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Survey and Results on the Implementation of the Road map

Road Map
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