Theme 3 - Research capacities on arts education and their practical applications

A review of the state of knowledge on research capacities for arts education will be made during the Second World Conference, with the aim of building support systems for approaches measuring the impact of arts education, producing evidence-based information and assuring its equitable distribution. To this end, collective research efforts will be emphasised: UNESCO Chairs, Network of observatories in Asia and the Pacific, the pilot Glossary project, etc…

Keynote Presentations
How to Inquire When the Eye Jumps Over the Wall?
Ramon Cabrera (Cuba)

Conditions for Facilitating Arts Education Research or The Art of Stepping Aside
Michael Wimmer (Austria)

Round table
Moderator: Dan Baron Cohen (Brazil)

- Eckart Liebau (Germany) (Views)
- Lindy Joubert (Australia) (Views)
- Robert Malcolm McLaren (South Africa/Zimbabwe) (Views)
- Jean Marc Lauret (France) (Views)
- Sam Oh (South Korea) (Views

3.1 Promoting indicators of arts education: How to assess and document the outcomes of arts education?  
3.2 Evidence–based policy making: How do we get it?
3.3 International Cooperation for research
3.4 The challenges and future of observatories and chairs
3.5 Towards a new concept of arts education
3.6 Creativity in arts education
3.7 Interaction between theory and practice


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