Application and Selection

In the autumn of each year, the UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists Programme will be announced on the UNESCO website as well as through other promotional material.

The website will provide full information on the application procedure, a description of the Programme and direct hyperlinks to the websites of the institutions offering residencies for the following year. 

Candidates may submit one application per year and participate only once in the Programme. They should apply directly to the institution that interests them by submitting a complete application file consisting of the documents requested by the Institution.

The duration of the residency will be determined by the host institution, but should normally be for a minimum of one and maximum of three months. Based on selection criteria mutually agreed between each institution and UNESCO, the institutions will pre-select three candidates and submit their recommendation to the UNESCO Secretariat for final selection. Based on the Organization’s criteria including the originality of the project, the artist’s country of origin in relation to other applicants, his or her age, and the maintenance of an equal balance between the various disciplines covered by the Programme, the UNESCO Secretariat will make a final selection.

After the final selection each Institution will be informed of the results and will thereafter contact the selected Laureate to confirm their written agreement in principle and availability, complying with details elaborated in the Terms of Agreement (ToA). The host institution and selected laureate will thus sign a Sponsorship Agreement outlining the responsibilities of the Laureate and Institution.

Once a copy of this document is sent to UNESCO, the Organization will authorize a lump sum payment to the partner institution in order to cover the laureate’s travel costs at the lowest available airfare.

In exceptional cases, institutions from the South may receive a further lump sum towards accommodation costs

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