Memorandum of Understanding and Terms of Agreement

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between each partner institution and UNESCO outlines the:

  • nature of the Programme
  • purpose and expected outcome of the residency
  • discipline(s) offered by the institution
  • key criteria on which the selection will take place (i.e. the age requirement and geographical distribution of the laureates)
  • pre-selection and selection process
  • duration of the residency
  • details of a financial statement to be submitted by the Institution at the end of the residency to account for all funds provided by UNESCO
  • overall responsibilities of each of the three parties, namely, UNESCO, the Institution and the Laureate

The MoU also outlines, as part of the laureates’ responsibilities, their obligation to participate in cultural activities organized by and/or held by the host institution. These may include, but will not be limited to, providing social and cultural services (e.g. working with under-privileged children; participating in cultural activities and services other than the artist’s own projects). 

The fundamental purpose of this exercise is to engage the artists in mutually beneficial cultural exchange in an effort to enrich their experience while at the same time giving back to their host institution and community.

The specifics of each bursary will be elaborated in the Terms of Agreement (ToA) between each institution and UNESCO, adhering to a standard format. The ToA will be negotiated and signed.

At the end of the residency term, laureates will be required to complete and sign the Evaluation Form describing how the residency helped them artistically, the cultural exchange and dialogue they experienced, and the level of interaction they had with the local community, among other experiences. Laureates will also be invited to provide the UNESCO-Aschberg Programme with pictures of visual art creations, sample writings or pieces of music, depending on their artistic field. These will be published online UNESCO-Aschberg Gallery so as to display the works produced by the laureates during their respective residencies for the viewing of the online community.


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