How to Become Partner

UNESCO and its partner institutions sign a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines the following for each residency:

  • Nature of the Programme
  • Objectives and expected results
  • Discipline(s) offered by the institution
  • Main selection criteria (for example: geographical origins, age and experience)
  • Pre-selection and selection procedure
  • Duration, minimum one month and maximum three months, and the approximate dates of the residency are determined by the host institution
  • Financial Terms of Agreement (a detailed report to be provided at the end of the residency)
  • The responsibility of the two parties participating in the Programme.

The institutions submit a choice of three candidates to UNESCO. Based on the Organization’s criteria, UNESCO carries out the final selection and notifies each institution of its choice. The institution will then inform the laureate and sign a mutual Terms of Agreement describing the responsibilities of both parties regarding the residency.

UNESCO-Aschberg manages the travel arrangements, at the lowest possible economy fare. In certain cases, institutions in the South may receive additional financial assistance to cover a portion of the cost of stay.

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