Creative Design for Sustainable Development

PARIS - 3/4 March 2014

Copyright Masdar City

Organized by UNESCO in collaboration with the City of Shenzhen in conjunction with the UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, the conference gathered the representatives of the Creative Cities of Design, experts in city designs and planning as well as policy-makers, renown architects, and private sector contributors.

A platform for exchange and multi-stakeholder dialogue on key global issues, the conference focused on experiences and proposals underpinned by innovative and inclusive approaches to culture and development, through culture-led revitalization of urban areas and public spaces. It has showed how advanced technology, a diversified culture, enhanced linkages between design and other industries and an international integration and networking can enable the UNESCO cities of design to transform themselves into global design centers and hubs.

By showcasing successful environmental and cultural sustainability through design, the conference helped identify options for growth and participation in the fragile context of present-day crises and global risks.

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