Appointed Cities :

Do you have what it takes to become a UNESCO City of Design?

The following list of criteria and characteristics serves as a guide for cities interested in joining the network as a City of Design:

  • Established design industry;
  • cultural landscape fuelled by design and the built environment (architecture, urban planning, public spaces, monuments, transportation, signage and information systems, typography, etc.);
  • design schools and design research centres;
  • practicing groups of creators and designers with a continuous activity at a local and/or national level;
  • experience in hosting fairs, events and exhibits dedicated to design;
  • opportunity for local designers and urban planners to take advantage of local materials and urban/natural conditions;
  • design-driven creative industries, e.g. architecture and interiors, fashion and textiles, jewelry and accessories, interaction design, urban design, sustainable design, etc.

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