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Annual Network Meeting

Since 2008 UNESCO organizes annual network meetings with the representatives of member cities. The main objective of this meeting is to:

  • exchange updated information of each city’s recent activities;
  • discuss the network’s communication strategy and operations;
  • agree upon important matters related to future developments of the Network.

Physical meetings have been held in Paris 2008 (UNESCO HQ), Santa Fe 2008, Lyon 2009, Shenzhen 2010, Seoul 2011, Montréal 2012, Bologna 2013, Chengdu 2014.

2013 Annual General Meeting of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network

2014 Annual General Meeting of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network

Member meetings also take place using various communication platforms such as online chat, teleconference, etc.

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International Conferences

International Conferences are held in association with the Creative Cities Network. Organized as major discussion forums with a wide range of inter-sectoral stakeholders, the conferences demonstrate the Network’s international and multidisciplinary character incorporating cross-cutting themes related to global concerns such as creative governance, creative economy and sustainable development. The conferences also serve as platforms fostering knowledge sharing and exchange of good practices as well as promoting partnership opportunities. 

Creative Design for Sustainable Development  - Paris 2014

Organized by UNESCO in collaboration with the City of Shenzhen in conjunction with the UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, the conference gathered the representatives of the Creative Cities of Design, experts in city designs and planning as well as policy-makers, renown architects, and private sector contributors.

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Beijing Creative Cities Summit 2013

Following the Hangzhou Congress (15/17 May 2013) on Culture and Development and the Annual Ministerial Review (AMR) at the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in Geneva (July 2013) on the promotion of science, technology and innovation, and the potential of culture for sustainable development and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, the Beijing Creative Cities Summit focused on experiences and proposals underpinned by innovative and inclusive approaches to culture and development, through culture-led revitalization of urban areas and public spaces.

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Seoul International Conference 2011

The International Conference 2011 on “Sustainable Development Based on Creativity” is to be hosted by the City of Seoul on 16-17 November 2011. As the main highlight of this Conference the Creative Cities Network Mayors Roundtable meeting will take place. Since the Network’s creation in 2004, it is the first time leaders and decision makers of the member cities come together to reflect and take actions on the importance of creative solutions for sustainable urban environment. Gathering UNESCO officials, creative city Mayors, urban planners, economists and key creative industry players, the conference will also lead a programme of keynote speeches, workshops, public discussions and a showcase exhibition.

Shenzhen International Conference 2010

The International Conference 2010 on “New technology, new media and creative city synergy” was hosted by the City of Shenzhen on 7-9 December 2010. Attended by UNESCO officials, creative city members, new media experts, economists and creative industry people, the conference programme was highlighted by keynote speeches, panel discussions with the UNESCO creative cities, workshops and public discussions. The Conference tackled the emerging issues that are faced by cities nowadays in the wake of new technologies and media and aimed at opening opportunities for strengthening international cooperation in favour of the creative economy. The 3-day Conference resulted in producing a communiqué as its final outcome, communicating a common statement of the Network in relation to the theme of the conference.

Conference website:

Official communiqué for the Shenzhen International Conference 2010

Santa Fe International Conference 2008

The International Conference 2008 on Creative Tourism was hosted by the City of Santa Fe on 28 September–2 October 2008. The conference gathered Network representatives, creative entrepreneurs, tourism professionals, and artists providing a forum for identifying economic opportunities and developing creative tourism programmes. As a major output of this Conference, a publication “Creative Tourism, A Global Conversation” (Edited by Rebecca Wurzburger & co., August 2009) was produced. The programme and other related documents of the Conference:  


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Sub-network Activities

In cooperation with UNESCO, members launch sub-network initiatives and different forms of collaborative platforms to strengthen the common basis for cooperation. 

Some examples:

Literature cities collaboration

Music cities collaboration

Design cities collaboration

Gastronomy cities collaboration

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