Who are the Members ?

Cities as systems of local governance and their wide range of partner communities, including public/private sectors, professional organizations, civil societies, cultural institutions etc.

There are currently 69 member cities around the world in seven creative industry fields.

Membership: duration, rights and duties

  • Cities join the Network for an unlimited period of time and may leave it at any moment upon notifying UNESCO.
  • Appointed cities are entitled to use UNESCO’s name and logo under the terms and conditions of UNESCO’s graphic charter.
  • Cities have to inform UNESCO on an annual basis of the progress made in the implementation of policies and activities, both locally and internationally and in cooperation with other cities. If after two written reminders, a city does not submit this information or, if it appears that a city no longer fulfils its commitments, UNESCO may invite the city to leave the Network.
  • After leaving the Network, a city is no longer entitled to mention its membership to the Network in its communication materials and may no longer use UNESCO’s name and logo.
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