Why Cities ?

Cities are increasingly playing a vital role in harnessing creativity for economic and social development:

  • Cities harbour the entire range of cultural actors throughout the creative industry chain, from the creative act to production and distribution.
  • As breeding grounds for creative clusters, cities have great potential to harness creativity, and connecting cities can mobilise this potential for global impact.
  • Cities have a strong effect on the establishment of public/private partnership that helps unlock the creative entrepreneurial potential and plays an important role in the new economy.
  • Cities are small enough to affect local cultural industries but also large enough to serve as gateways to international markets.

Today, more than half of the world's population live in cities. The concept of ‘Creative Cities’ is based on the belief that culture can play an important role in urban renewal. Policy makers are increasingly taking account of the role of creativity when planning economic policy. Not only do the creative industries enhance the quality of life of citizens by contributing to a city's social fabric and cultural diversity, the creative industries also strengthen a sense of community and help define a shared identity. 



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