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The International Fund for Cultural Diversity is a means to support the implementation of the Convention, by fostering the emergence of a dynamic cultural sector in developing countries.

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IFCD: Fifth Call for Funding Requests

On 29 January 2014 the International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) launched its fifth call for funding requests for projects. Read More

10 new projects get funding from the IFCD


The Intergovernmental Committee approved 10 projects to be implemented in 12 developing countries for more than US$750,000 in funding.

Projects cover a wide range of activities – from capacity-building and cultural mapping to policy analysis and development, as well as entrepreneurship support and cultural industries consolidation.

The IFCD is unique in that invests in projects that lead to structural change through the introduction and consolidation of cultural policies and cultural industries in developing countries. 

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Your 1% Counts for Creativity

© activspaces

Exchange and Debate Session
Monday 10 June 2013, 10.00 to 12.00 CET
Room II, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris

Beneficiaries of the International Fund for Cultural Diversity will share experiences and discuss about the opportunities their projects are opening at the local level and the impact they are achieving in developing countries.

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South Africa’s Creative Opportunities

© Lorraine Tanner

Carnivals across South Africa are a parade of creativity, as well as create scores of jobs, boost local economies and promote much needed social cohesion.

Capitalising on the events’ thriving markets, the IFCD-supported Harlequin Foundation trained a group of would-be cultural entrepreneurs to make carnival artworks using recycled materials.

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Director General appeals to Parties to support the IFCD

UNESCO´s Director General, Ms. Irina Bokova, appealed to the 127 Parties that have ratified the 2005 Convention to provide an annual voluntary contribution to the IFCD.

In her yearly letter sent out on 25 March, she thanked governments for their valuable contributions so far, and reminded them of the IFCD´s objectives to invest in creativity and transform societies. “Creativity and the diversity of cultural expressions are sources of employment, revenue and innovation,” Ms. Bokova said.

New Skills Energize Serbia’s Creative Sector

© Ivana Damnjanovic

Serbia's cultural industries have limited access to finance and skills to jump start businesses in the creative sector.

IFCD-supported Academica launched a hands-on training programme to help bolster the sector with a strong focus on creative entrepreneurs from rural and impoverished areas.

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13 new projects get funding from the IFCD

© Leandra Jasa

The Intergovernmental Committee approved 13 projects to be implemented in 12 developing countries for more than US$1 million in funding.

Projects cover a wide range of activities – from capacity-building and cultural mapping to policy analysis and development, as well as entrepreneurship support and cultural industries consolidation.

The IFCD is unique in that a majority of its funds go to support the work of non-governmental organizations working locally in the field of cultural policy and cultural industries.

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Study Reveals Latin America’s “Invisible Cinema”

© Fundación del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano

Community cinema in Latin America and the Caribbean “is almost as invisible, as the communities that it represents,” says leading expert Alfonso Gumucio Dagron.

A ground-breaking IFCD-funded study involving experts from different countries recently revealed the growing importance of community cinema across 14 Latin American and Caribbean countries.

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Forum Inspires Asia-Pacific Cultural Cooperation

© Charles Vallerand

“Cultural diversity holds keys to releasing the creative energies societies need today.”

More and more countries in Asia-Pacific are investing in cultural industries as a key part of their socioeconomic progress. A timely three-day forum organised in May brought representatives of 33 countries together in Dhaka.

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YAKAAR Graduates Boost West African Performing Arts Sector


“The training gave me a solid base to organize a big event in a professional way, [...] with a practical and appropriate approach.”

An IFCD-supported training center is assisting young industry professionals across West Africa to gain specialist skills in the performing arts.

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Creative producers revive Madagascar’s iconic lambahoany

© Ridha Andriantomanga

"The project gave businesses the opportunity to benefit from the creativity of artists and helped artists to establish links with businesses."

IFCD support helped breathe new life into Madagascar’s most well-known local textile-based creative industry - lambahoany.

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2010 project cycle coming to a successful close

The 2010 funding cycle of projects is coming to an end. Here are some interesting facts and figures about the 31 projects that received funding. They all helped strengthen cultural industries through activities that developed policies, capacities or markets.

19 were driven by non-government organizations, while 12 were implemented by public bodies. Most had awareness-raising components. Detailed results information will be available on our website soon.

New training centre helps indigenous youth gain cultural industry jobs


“I have learned to look at life from a different perspective and use the channels around me to tell stories.”

A new IFCD-supported audio-visual training centre has helped indigenous youth in Guatemala gain cultural industry jobs.

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Fundraising strategy developed

The past few months has seen IFCD work with an expert company to develop a practical and cost-effective fundraising and communications strategy. The draft strategy, along with all working documents for the upcoming sixth session of the annual Intergovernmental Committee meeting, will be available on our website from 10 November 2012.

Building an audiovisual market in Cameroon


“We have published the first catalogue of films and audiovisual works available in our repository, and it is being distributed to local and international television stations for sale.”

Boosting access to regional audiovisual material, an IFCD-supported project has created the first database of central African cinematographic and audiovisual productions.

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Flagship report set to feature IFCD-supported projects

Together with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), UNESCO’s Diversity of Cultural Expressions section coordinates the 2013 World Creative Economy Report. This flagship undertaking is set to highlight among others IFCD projects and will promote the 2005 Convention.

Fair play for Beninese musicians

© Gomez Bruno

“It gave me confidence in myself, and with the sales proved to me that I could go far with my music.”

Beninese Afropoprock musician, Sessimé’s career took off after she got the chance to have her CD marketed through the ground-breaking IFCD-supported Proximus Rezo project.

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IFCD contributions ODA eligible

It is official. As all IFCD funds support governments, cultural entrepreneurs and practitioners in developing countries, government contributions to the Fund are 100% Official Development Assistance (ODA) eligible.

A recent IFCD review revealed that few donors were aware of this opportunity.

Critical steps taken to nurture new creativity in Lao PDR

© Amatha ler

“The Seminar in March brought together, for the first time, officials from different Ministries. Few were aware of the Convention and over three days they learnt about its basic principles.”

Government officials are drawing on IFCD support to understand how the 2005 Convention can help nurture their growing creative industries.

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Diversity-themed party raises US$4,000 for the IFCD

© Silent Party Bonn

Over 700 partygoers showed their support for creativity everywhere at an outdoor silent disco on 16 May 2012 in Bonn, Germany, raising over US$4000 for the IFCD.

The event, ‘Silent Party – Diversity for the ears’, was organized by the Bonn-based music platform, Taxi MunDJal Musix, with support from the German Commission for UNESCO.

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A vocational school creates new job options for young Argentinians

© Leandro Jasa

“It is very rare for artists to find affordable training and development opportunities that are practical.”

The IFCD-supported project involved establishing student selection criteria, procedures and designing intensive one-year courses, helping to meet market demand for creative skills and expertise.

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