Meetings of the Governing Bodies

The Convention has two governing bodies:

The Conference of Parties is the plenary and supreme decision-making body of the Convention, while the Intergovernmental Committee works under the authority of the Conference of Parties to promote the objectives and implementation of the Convention.

Once a State has ratified the Convention and it has entered into force, it becomes a member of the Conference of Parties, which meets in ordinary session every two years in June. It may also meet in extraordinary session if it so decides or if the Intergovernmental Committee receives a request to that effect from at least one-third of the Parties. 

The Intergovernmental Committee is composed of 24 elected representatives of the Conference of Parties for a period of four years.  The Intergovernmental Committee is to meet on an annual basis and may meet in extraordinary session at the request of at least two thirds of its Members to address specific issues. 

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