Intergovernmental Committee

The Intergovernmental Committee is composed of 24 State Party members, elected for 4 years by the Conference of Parties, to which it is accountable. It meets annually in ordinary session at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

The functions of the Committee include:

  • promoting the objectives of the Convention and encouraging and monitoring its implementation;
  • preparing operational guidelines for the implementation of the provisions of the Convention;
  • transmitting to the Conference of Parties quadrennial periodic reports from Parties, together with its comments and a summary of their contents;
  • making recommendations to be taken in situations brought to its attention by Parties;
  • establishing procedures and other mechanisms for consultation aimed at promoting the objectives and principles of this Convention in other international forums;

Article 23 of the Convention outlines the main responsibilities of the Intergovernmental Committee.

The Committee may invite at any time public or private organizations or individuals to participate in its meetings for consultation on specific issues in accordance with its Rules of Procedure

All the documents from the sessions of the Committee, including Decisions, working and information documents are available for consultation.

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