Assessment tools

In their daily work, cultural operators often come up against methodological, administrative or financial obstacles. In response to the difficulties encountered by the partners in the course of their projects, the Global Alliance wanted to develop a tool that was relevant to setting up partnerships, in the form of simple, practical assessment tools that can be adapted to different cultural contexts.


These assessment tools are aimed at project managers or partners from public, private and civil society sectors and can be used as:


  • material for analysing the partnership methodology;
  • an educational tool that accompanies a capacity-building approach.


For ease of use, the partnership process has been divided into 13 steps, and there is an assessment tool for each one:

1. Becoming informed

Assessment tool 1: Internal assessment

2. Finding partners

Assessment tool 2: How to choose a partner

3. Defining goals

Assessment tool 3: Basics of negotiation: Involvement and influence

4. Testing the project’s coherence

Assessment tool 4: Basics of negotiation: Who does what?

5. The partnership test

Assessment tool 5: Are you ready to launch a partnership?

6. Contractual arrangements

Assessment tool 6: Model of partnership agreement

7. Presenting your project

Assessment tool 7: Project fact sheet

8. Details of activities

Assessment tool 8: Terms of reference

9. Seeking funding

Assessment tool 9: Funding plan

10. Getting organized

Assessment tool 10: Management chart and timetable

11. Communicating

Assessment tool 11: How to communicate with partners

12. Evaluating the partnership

Assessment tool 12: Partnership evaluation quiz

13. Specifying evaluation criteria

Assessment tool 13: Partner evaluation form

                                                                                                   Illustration © Adrénaline Production

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