Young talents fuel a booming film industry

© Festival Iberoamericano de Cortos Imágenes Jóvenes en la Diversidad Cultural

Argentina’s film and television industries are booming. A new generation of talented young film directors is attracting international interest with Argentinean films winning critical acclaim at international festivals, in the cinema and on television screens worldwide.

The 8th edition of the festival Young Images in Cultural Diversity screened, in Buenos Aires, 125 short films produced by children and young Latin Americans (ages 5 to 25) from 24 countries. The NGO in charge, Fundación Kine, Cultural y Educativa, also set up an exhibition that toured the country and organized workshops on contemporary techniques by teachers and senior film makers.

The events attracted some 3,650 visitors and gave youth a unique chance to be part of a thriving and promising industry.

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