Projects Approved for Funding in 2011

The fifth ordinary session of the Intergovernmental Committee approved 17 projects in 17 developing countries to be funded from the IFCD (ref. Decision 5.IGC 5).

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Barbados ● Association of Music Entrepreneurs of Barbados ● NGO ● US$100,000
Promoting the Export of Caribbean Music to North American Markets
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Bosnia and Herzegovina ● VizArt ● NGO ● US$35,700
Mapping the film industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Brazil ● Vídeo nas Aldeias ● NGO ● US$97,580
Indigenous filmmakers producing children's programming in Brazil
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Cambodia ● Italian Association for Aid to Children (CIAI) ● INGO ● US$81,341
Association of young artists building Cambodia's future cultural industries
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Croatia ● Knjizni Blok ● NGO ● US$26,000
Book market regulation and promotion of a culture of reading in Croatia
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Kenya ● Pastoralist Development Network of Kenya ● NGO ● US$95,547
Broadening opportunities for indigenous people in Kenya's cultural industries
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Malawi ● Malawi National Commission ● State Party ● US$10,000
Strengthening the Cultural Industries in Malawi: a preparatory assistance request
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Mozambique ● Mozambique National Commission ● State Party ● US$65,000
Combating youth unemployment through the cultural industries
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Niger ● Bal'lame ● NGO ● US$80,000
Capacity building to promote emerging cultural industries in Niger
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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ● Ministry of Culture ● State Party ● US$43,605
National cultural policy reform in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
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Senegal ● Groupe 30 Afrique ● NGO ● US$99,550
Training Senegalese cultural managers in cultural policy implementation
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Serbia ● Academica Group ● NGO ● US$97,250
Professional development for cultural entrepreneurs in Serbia
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South Africa ● Harlequin Foundation ● NGO ● US$81,000
Encouraging creative entrepreneurship in South Africa through recycled arts
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Tajikistan ● Bactria Cultural Centre ● NGO ● US$85,000
Strengthening and Diversification of the Music Production in Tajikistan
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Togo ● Ministry of Arts and Culture ● State Party ● US$98,698
Devising a strategic plan to implement cultural policies in Togo
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Uruguay ● Intendencia de Montevideo ● State Party ● US$95,115
Fostering creativity and cultural participation for poverty alleviation in Uruguay
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Zimbabwe ● Culture Fund of Zimbabwe ● NGO ● US$99,023
Measuring the economic contribution of Zimbabwe's cultural industries
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