Promoting Afro-Cuban cultural expressions among youth

Asociación Espiritista Kardeciana Cruzada Quisicuaba (NGO), Cuba
IFCD funding: USD 93,101 | Timeline: April 2013 - April 2015

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About the Project

Supporting the involvement of youth in Afro-Cuban arts
The project aims to foster greater social cohesion in the Havana Centro district through the active involvement of youth in the production, consumption and participation in a diversity of Afro-Cuban cultural expressions. Young people will learn and get involved in the practice of a variety of Afro-Cuban cultural expressions, namely the visual arts, drama, music, dance and literature. In addition, young people will be educated on the diversity of cultural expressions and the values and messages of the 2005 Convention, with a focus on gender and ethnic equality. Participants will also be encouraged to take part in volunteer activities. Accordingly, new creative spaces will be equipped in the municipality to serve as platforms for exhibiting youths’ artistic productions, carrying out training workshops and exchanging ideas and experiences.

Project leader: The Asociación Espiritista Kardeciana Cruzada Quisicuaba (AEKCQ)
The AEKCQ, founded in 1939, is a respected non-governmental organization located in the Quisicuaba neighbourhood in Havana Centro district. The AEKCQ is committed to fostering social development through cultural and educational activities. Currently, the organization’s programmes are aimed at fostering community development and the promotion of Afro-Cuban cultural expressions among youth. To ensure greater impact, the AEKCQ cooperates with local authorities, existing cultural institutions and art schools in the Havana Centro municipality.

Key targets

  • Awareness among the youth about the importance of the diversity of cultural expressions and the messages and values of the 2005 Convention is raised.
  • The participation and involvement of young people in the promotion of Afro-Cuban cultural expressions is facilitated and their skills are reinforced.
  • Information and experiences on the results of the project are exchanged with key stakeholders.

Main activities

  • Conducting nine workshops to raise awareness of the objectives of the AEKCQ and the project, especially the promotion and protection of diversity of cultural expressions, amongst 75 representatives from cultural and educational institutions, mass media (local radio and TV), community leaders and local authorities.
  • Facilitating 19 series of seminars on Afro-Cuban culture with a focus on gender and ethnic equality, for 2,700 young people, as well as 24 discussion groups on innovative ways of promoting Afro-Cuban cultural expressions.
  • Conducting six training workshops on Afro-Cuban drama, dance, visual arts, literature and music for 120 young people.
  • Exchanging information and experiences on the results of the project with key stakeholders through the organization of two symposia, the production of multimedia and audiovisual promotional packages and the publication and distribution of two books.

How does this project contribute to the implementation of the 2005 Convention?

  • Contributes to poverty alleviation and sustainable development by giving young people living in Quisicuaba enhanced cultural, social and economic opportunities through their engagement in the cultural industries.
  • Promotes information sharing and transparency: this project will reveal aspects of the local culture among a series of actors involved in the project, including local authorities, schools and community associations.
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