Paralelo 9 MX: strengthening cultural industries for local development in Mexico

National Conference of Cultural Municipal Institutions (NGO), Mexico
IFCD funding: USD 98,871 | Timeline: April 2013 - October 2014

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About the Project

Training local authorities and cultural practitioners in Mexico
The project aims to provide training for cultural managers and practitioners working in the public and private sectors in nine Mexican regions. Training workshops will take place both on-site and online and will focus on topics related to cultural management and the cultural industries in these regions. Public and private partnerships will be promoted and a Mexican Network of Cultural Industries will be initiated in order to strengthen the participants’ capacities to implement cultural policies to develop cultural industries.

Project leader: National Conference of Cultural Municipal Institutions (CONAIMUC)
CONAIMUC was established in 2008 as a Mexican non-profit civil society association. Its primary mission is to train civil servants responsible for implementing cultural policies and cultural managers in Mexican municipalities in skills, capacities and knowledge related to the effective planning, implementation and evaluation of artistic and cultural projects that contribute to socio-economic development. CONAIMUC also advises local and national governments on the management of financial resources allocated to the arts and cultural industries and promotes inter-municipal cooperation for the implementation of innovative community development projects through the arts.

Key targets

  • The skills and capacities of 415 directors of the Culture Department of City Councils all over Mexico are reinforced to implement cultural policies.
  • Leading cultural managers working at the local level are empowered and their capacities strengthened.
  • Training material on cultural management will be produced, tested and used during the capacity-building courses.
  • A dynamic and easy-to-use on-line platform will be developed and the Mexican Network of Cultural Industries will be created.

Main activities

  • Conducting a comprehensive training course on effective implementation of cultural policies for 415 directors of the Culture Department of City Councils in nine Mexican municipalities.
  • Providing 415 leading cultural practitioners and managers in the nine municipalities with training on business management, marketing, organizational skills and legal matters associated with the cultural industries.
  • Designing an educational programme in cultural management and policy development and producing training materials for the on-site and online training programs, which will be available on-line.
  • Establishing the Mexican Network of Cultural Industries and setting up a dynamic and user-friendly online platform to enable stakeholders to share information, ideas and experiences related to the cultural industries.

How does this project contribute to the implementation of the 2005 Convention?

  • Promotes the exchange of information, know-how and expertise and encourages stakeholder cooperation: the on-line platform, the network building activities and the fact that the two capacity building activities are organized simultaneously, contributes to the active involvement, participation and contribution of a broad array of stakeholders.
  • Contributes to the implementation of cultural policies relevant to the promotion of cultural industries in Mexico: the development of the capacities of those implementing cultural policies at the local level -who seldom have access to training and funding opportunities- is instrumental in ensuring effective policy interventions to develop a competitive and dynamic cultural industries sector.

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