Cultural industries as drivers of development in the Balkans

Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro (NGO), Montenegro
IFCD funding: USD 88,705 | Timeline: March 2013 - December 2013

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About the Project

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Boosting Montenegro’s cultural industries, fostering regional cooperation in the Balkans
This multi-country project aims to promote the cultural industries’ contribution to socio-economic development in the Balkans and promote regional cultural cooperation between Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

Carried out in three phases, this project will create a network of cultural operators in the four selected countries; raise public and institutional awareness of the socio-economic potential of the cultural industries; and facilitate open and participatory policy-making processes that can improve the governance of culture in the four Balkan countries.

Project leader: The Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro (AFAM)
AFAM was established in 1946 as the first modern professional organization of Montenegrin artists and creators. An NGO since 2000, AFAM is committed to improving the working conditions of artists and creators in Montenegro through facilitating the organization of art exhibitions, ensuring its members’ access to arts markets and working spaces, as well as providing legal assistance.

Key targets

  • Connections among stakeholders in the cultural industries sector from Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and FYROM are established to promote regional cultural cooperation.
  • Awareness about the social and economic impact of cultural industries in the Balkans is raised.

Main activities

  • Two round-table seminars, “Beauty of Diversity” and “Strengthening Policies for the Cultural Industries” will be organized to raise awareness about the importance of regional cultural cooperation in the field of cultural industries among 400 stakeholders and to establish a dynamic network of committed stakeholders interested in promoting this agenda.
  • A study tour of cultural institutions in Montenegro to facilitate exchange of information on best practices, lessons learned and experiences will be organized for 20 representatives of cultural institutions from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and FYROM.
  • The organization of “Let’s Art’ exhibition where contemporary art works from the Balkans will be displayed to raise awareness of the social and economic impact of cultural industries in the Balkans and increase visibility of cultural goods and services in the region. The exhibition will be held in Montenegro (May-June 2013) and in Slovenia (November 2013).
  • A public media campaign will be launched and a series of lectures about the social and economic impact of cultural industries in the region, the status of the arts in the Balkans, new models of financing and governance within the cultural sector and models of cooperation in joint projects will be organized.

How does this project contribute to the implementation of the 2005 Convention?

  • Fosters cooperation and partnership building among different stakeholders in the region: the participation and involvement of a wide number of stakeholders from 4 countries in the Balkans is encouraged throughout the project activities.
  • Contributes to the development of a dynamic cultural sector in Montenegro and the Balkans: decision-makers and cultural practitioners participating in the project will have a better understanding of the current local and regional market environment and policy situation and lead to more informed decision-making.
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