Building a viable and sustainable film industry in Malawi

Malawi National Commission for UNESCO (Party), Malawi
IFCD Funding: US$ 42,490 | Timeline: April 2014 – October 2014

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The project aims at strengthening the national film industry in Malawi through the development of a national strategy and investment plan.

Project leader: Malawi National Commission for UNESCO

The Malawi National Commission for UNESCO contributes to economic and social development and poverty reduction by raising awareness among citizens, government, NGOs, civil society and communities about UNESCO’s programs in its four areas of competence: education, science, culture and information and communication.

Expected results

  • Malawi film industry’s needs and challenges are identified
  • A national strategy and an investment plan for the film industry are developed and submitted to the competent authorities
  • A network of representatives from public institutions, civil society and cultural operators working in the audiovisual industry is established and their awareness about the potential of creative industries for social and economic development is raised

Main activities

  • Launching an open call for professionals and experts to present papers on key topics related to the local film sector.
  • Organizing a five-day roundtable to present findings, initiate debates and present recommendations.
  • Organizing a press conference to present the outcomes of the roundtable.
  • Bringing together key players in the film sector thereby promoting partnership development and establishing a platform for sharing ideas.

How does this project contribute to the implementation of the 2005 Convention?

  • Contributes to the introduction of cultural policies to promote the development of the film industry in Malawi - The project aims at harmonizing policies, procedures and regulations related to the film industry and to develop strategies that address its critical challenges.
  • Encourages dialogue and network-building in Malawi - Public and private sector stakeholders in the film sector, as well as representatives from the education and the information and communication technologies (ICT) sectors, will be brought together to promote network-building in the film industry in Malawi.
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