Funding Culture in Peru: unveiling challenges and opportunities

Ministry of Culture (Party), Peru
IFCD Funding: US$ 21,090 | Timeline: March 2014 – March 2015

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The project aims to create a space for discussion, learning and networking among Peruvian authorities, cultural practitioners and private sector representatives on funding culture.

Project leader: Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture is a public institution responsible for the design, adoption, implementation and monitoring of national cultural policies in Peru.

Expected results

  • Peru’s challenges and opportunities on funding culture are identified.
  • Connections among stakeholders are created to contribute to the development of partnerships and collaborations.
  • The capacities of 50 cultural managers are strengthened in terms of resource mobilization and effective management of cultural organizations.

Main activities

  • Organizing five inter-sectoral consultation meetings to generate a dialogue among key stakeholders involved in the project, share ideas and present case studies.
  • Drafting recommendations to inform policies and strategies of the Ministry of Culture addressing the funding of culture.
  • Organizing a training workshop on cultural management, corporate governance, fundraising and marketing.

How does this project contribute to the implementation of the 2005 Convention?

  • Contributes to the introduction of better informed cultural policies to promote the funding of culture in Peru – the publication and dissemination of the conclusions and recommendations of the inter-sectoral meetings are instrumental in ensuring effective policy interventions to develop a competitive and dynamic local cultural sector.
  • Reinforces local skills and capacities - by providing training in effective management, fundraising and marketing, this project strengthens the skills of cultural managers in Peru, promotes income generation and underlines the importance of the link between culture and development. 
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