Rules of Procedure of the Intergovernmental Committee

The Intergovernmental Committee meets in ordinary session every year. It may meet in extraordinary session at the request of at least two thirds of its Members.

Rules of Procedure
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The Intergovernmental Committee is composed of the States Parties to the Convention elected by the Conference of Parties in accordance with Article 23 of the Convention (hereinafter "Members").

Parties to the Convention which are not Members of the Committee may attend its sessions as observers, as well as all its subsidiary bodies, benefitting from the rights as described in Article 20 of the Rules of procedure and subject to the provisions of its Article 18.

As indicated in its Rules of Procedure, the Intergovernmental Committee may be attended, without a right to vote and subject to the provisions of Rule 20.3, by:

  • Representatives of Member States of UNESCO not Parties to the Convention, Associate Members and permanent observer missions to UNESCO, upon written notification;
  • Representatives of the United Nations and organizations of the United Nations system and other intergovernmental organizations, which have concluded mutual representation agreements with UNESCO, upon written notification; and
  • Intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations having interests and activities in the field covered by the Convention, upon invitation by the Committee.
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