First ordinary session of the Intergovernmental Committee

(Ottawa, Canada, 10 - 13 December 2007)

Highlights of the session:

  • Discussion on use of resources of the IFCD
  • Outlining role and participation of civil society
  • Experts reports on
    - International cooperation
    - Measuring diversity
  • Adoption of the Rules of Procedure for the Intergovernmental Committee

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Speeches at the Opening Ceremony

  • Mr Georges Anastassopoulos, President of the General Conference of UNESCO
    English & French (PDF)
  • Mr Olabiyi Babalola Joseph Yaï, Chairman of the UNESCO’s Executive Board
    French (PDF)
  • Mr Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO
    English | French
  • Ms Françoise Rivière, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture
    English | French
  • Ms Josée Verner, Minister of Canadian Heritage, Status of Women and Official Languages
  • Ms Christine St-Pierre, Minister of Culture, Communications and Status of Women in Quebec
    French (PDF)
  • Mr. Gilberto Passos Gil Moreira, Minister of Culture of Brazil
    English | French (PDF)
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Decisions and Participants

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Summary Records

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Oral Report

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Working Documents

  • Election of the members of the Bureau of the First Session of the Committee
    CE/07/1.IGC/2 - English | French
  • Provisional Agenda
    CE/07/1.IGC/3 - English | French
  • Provisional Rules of Procedure of the Committee
    CE/07/1.IGC/4 - English | French
  • Structure and content of the operational guidelines for the implementation and application of the provisions of the Convention
    CE/07/1.IGC/5A - English | French
  • International cooperation
    CE/07/1.IGC/5B - English | French
  • Role and participation of the civil society in the implementation of the Convention
    CE/07/1.IGC/5C - English | French
  • Use of the resources of the International Fund for Cultural Diversity: preparation of orientations
    CE/07/1.IGC/6 - English | French
  • Dates of the next sessions of the Committee
    CE/07/1.IGC/7 - English | French
  • Election of the members of the Bureau for the Second Session of the Committee
    CE/07/1.IGC/8 - English | French
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Information Documents

  • General information
    CE/07/1.IGC/INF.1 - English | French
    CE/07/1.IGC/INF.1/Corr. - English & French
  • Provisional Timetable
    CE/07/1.IGC/INF.2 - English | French
  • Report of  the expert meeting on international cooperation
    CE/07/1.IGC/INF.3 - English | French
  • Report of the expert meeting on the statistical measurement of the diversity of cultural expressions
    CE/07/1.IGC/INF.4 - English
  • Selected bibliography
    CE/07/1.IGC/INF.5 - English & French
  • Civil Society and the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions
    CE/07/1.IGC/INF.6 - English | French



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