DJ contributes to the International Fund for Cultural Diversity

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The International Fund for Cultural Diversity has received the proceeds from the World Beat Party Bonn, the monthly world music set organized by DJ Darius Darek (Taxi MunDJal MusiX).

At a tempo of 80 beats per minute, Darius Roncoszek (aka DJ Darius Darek), has been bringing the rhythms of the world to the Bonn dance floor since 2006. From Afrobeat, Bollywod, Cumbia, Global Reggae, and Balkan Beats, to Kwaito, Latin Ska, Oriental Grooves, Mestizo, Bhangra, Worldtronix and Polka, these diverse global music genres imbue the World Beat Party with energy and exuberance. Roncoszek’s World Beat Party is a showcase for the latest developments in global music and features live percussion performance, exposing audiences to instruments like the Darbouka, Timbales or Samba drums.

This musically diverse event series appeals to an open minded and heterogeneous audience, whose excitement and love of dance sets the tone of the party. The parties, in turn, reflect cosmopolitanism of the City of Bonn. For the first time, the proceeds from three Wold Beat Parties held from January to March 2012, totalling 555 Euros, will go to benefit UNESCO’s International Fund for Cultural Diversity. The donation represents the first contribution to the Fund to come out of Germany.

The International Fund for Cultural Diversity is an important instrument for the implementation of the UNESCO Convention on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. The Fund benefits developing countries in their efforts to promote the cultural industries in service of sustainable development. To date, the Fund has financially supported 48 projects in 36 developing countries that have ratified the Convention.

Darius Roncoszek is planning the next fundraising party in fall 2012. It will take place in conjunction with a Diversity Night at the Rhineland State Museum in Bonn. In the future, Darius has plans to develop the fundraising concept in other cities outside of Bonn with the purpose of raising further support for the Fund.

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