Quadrennial Periodic Reports

What policies and measures have been taken by Convention Parties to protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions within their territory and at the international level?

This is at the heart of the matter of the Quadrennial Periodic Reports, through which Parties report, inter alia, on:

  • national policies and measures implemented to support the creation, production, distribution, dissemination and enjoyment of cultural goods and services;
  • international cooperation measures that support the mobility of artists, provide greater market access and strengthen cultural industries in developing countries;
  • actions taken to involve civil society in cultural policy processes.

The objective of this exercise is to share information and to work towards a global overview of the status and trends in the governance of culture at the national and international levels.

Report forms

Parties are requested to use the updated Periodic Report Form* for their reports.

Parties are asked, to the extent possible, to provide statistical information that already exists using the Sources and Statistics Annex Form.

* Taking into account the Committee’s debate at its sixth session, the Periodic Report Form has been slightly revised.

Given UNESCO's priority to promote gender equality, Parties are encouraged to report on specific measures targeting women and/or the promotion of gender equality.

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