Periodic Reports - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between the PDF Forms and the Framework for Periodic Reports adopted by the Conference of Parties?
    None. The Forms are entirely based on the Framework and the Operational Guidelines for Article 9 of the Convention; the PDF Forms are simply a submission tool designed to (i) facilitate the compilation of the reports and their distribution to the public online, (ii) harmonize their presentation and (iii) streamline their examination with a view to producing the strategic analytical summary for the Intergovernmental Committee.
  2. Will the analysis of the Parties’ reports result in drawing comparisons among countries?
    No. The analysis will be done by themes determined by the Conference of Parties (such as ‘cultural policies and measures’, ‘international cooperation’, etc.) and focus on trends, challenges and solutions as identified in the Parties’ Reports.
    See: 2012 analysis of the reports.
    See: 2013 analysis of the reports.
    Illustrative examples will be included. See the examples identified in the reports submitted in 2012 at:
    The purpose of the Periodic Reports is to facilitate the sharing of information, not to draw comparisons.
  3. Which part of the report will be translated? Which part will be made public?
    Only the executive summaries will be translated by the Secretariat into English or French. The entire reports and all their Annexes will be made public via the 2005 Convention website after their deliberation by the Intergovernmental Committee each year.
    The reports are available for consultation at:
  4. Can we submit Annexes to the Periodic Report in addition to the Sources and Statistics Annex? If yes, how many can we submit?
    You can submit as many Annexes as you deem necessary.
  5. Will the relevant information provided in the Annexes be taken into account in the analytical summary?
  6. Our Report is going to be longer than 20 pages. What solutions would you suggest?
    We suggest that you consider including links rather than descriptions, whenever possible. Alternatively, you may wish to include some of the information in an Annex to be submitted with your Periodic Report.
  7. Is the maximum length of ’20 pages’ calculated on the basis of document pages or a word count?
    The calculation is made on the basis of a word count. Your report should be within the limit of 10 000 words, regardless of the number of document pages. A counter has been installed in the submission form to help you keep track of the number of words. It is located at the bottom of the page.
  8. In filling out the Forms, do we have to tick at least one box in each section and fill in all the fields?
    No. The Periodic Reports are envisioned by the Governing Bodies of the Convention as practical working documents, presenting results, challenges and lessons learned on the implementation of the Convention. The debate on the Operational Guidelines on Information Sharing and Transparency held during the 4th session of the Intergovernmental Committee in December 2010 recognized that not all Parties would be able to answer all questions at the same level of detail. From this perspective, each Party is to complete its Periodic Report using the submission Forms to the best of its ability.
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