Call for Experts (Closed)

Call for Experts (Closed)

The 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (“the 2005 Convention”) has entered into a new implementation phase for which Parties have established a clear roadmap of activities to be developed over the next coming years.  Strong focus is put on international cooperation, specifically addressing the needs of developing countries and aimed at fostering the emergence of dynamic cultural sectors.  A key operational priority is the design and implementation of a 2005 Convention Capacity Building Programme and accompanying Knowledge Management System. With 32 Parties to the 2005 Convention, Africa has become the first focus of capacity building activities, so as to increase human and institutional capacity and to address the many demands for information, training, expert technical assistance as well as for mentoring and coaching  interventions. 

Within this framework the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) launches a call for expression of interest for the enlargement of its pool of experts in the framework of capacity building in Africa. This Pool of Experts aims to assure and reinforce the implementation of the 2005 Convention in African countries.

Aim of the Call 

This Call for Expressions of Interest is issued by UNESCO in order to solicit applications from African experts to join the 2005 Convention Pool of Experts. A maximum of 30 candidates will be selected (15 French speaking, 15 English speaking). Women candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.  Selected experts will receive a five-day intensive training on the 2005 Convention and its implementation at the national level in Africa.

Deadline20 July 2012, midnight Paris time.

Deadline extended to 2 August 2012, midnight Paris time.


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