Indicator Suite workshop in Bosnia and Herzegovina: presentation of results


The final national workshop of the Culture for Development Indicator Suite took place on 5 July on an Olympic mountain in Jahorina, overlooking Sarajevo.

Coordinated by the UNESCO Antenna Office in Sarajevo and the lead local consultant, Alma Mrgan-Slipevic, the workshop was the occasion to share the preliminary results with national stakeholders and to discuss ways on capitalizing on the national momentum to deepen the understanding of the contribution of culture to development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The workshop was attended by high-level representatives of ministries, including the Minister of Civil Affairs and two deputy ministers of culture, as well as heads of national institutes of statistics and development partners (UNDP). The in-depth discussion amongst participants ranged from the complexities of data collection in regards to culture and development in BiH, and the way in which the Suite has been an effective tool to open up dialogue on cultural statistics between institutes and ministries at national level, establishing a platform for future partnerships and reflection in the future.

During the workshop, the results of the MDG-F project, “Improving Cultural Understanding in Bosnia and Herzegovina” were also presented. Both projects have overlapping interests in cultural statistics and have been effective in increasing national interest around cultural statistics and raise awareness of the importance of statistics for policy making for culture.

Participants expressed their enthusiasm for the potential of the Suite in BiH, viewing it as a point of departure for future projects measuring the contributions of culture to development, especially in light of the strengthening of national statistical systems currently taking place.


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