First national workshop in Ghana

On 5 May 2011, close to 30 participants reunited at the Ministry of Education in Accra, Ghana, for the first national workshop on the Culture for Development Indicator Suite. Organized by the UNESCO office in Accra and the local consultant, Dr William Ahadzie, the workshop officially launched the beginning of the test phase in Ghana.

In-depth presentations on all the sub-dimensions and indicators during the morning and afternoon sessions gave all participants the opportunity to better understand the objectives and value-added of the Suite, and importantly, to propose alternatives, amendments and suggestions. Participants represented a broad cross-section of ministries (e.g. Planning, Industry, Tourism, Culture and Chieftaincy, Education) and development agencies (e.g. AECID, UNDP, World Bank) as well as research institutes, university departments, cultural institutes and artists’ NGOs.

The enthusiastic support for the Suite shown during the workshop is a promising start to this test phase and demonstrates the growing interest in Ghana in culture’s potential for development. Indeed, the workshop Chair, the Director from the Ministry of Planning, expressed his strong interest in following the outcomes of the test phase in Ghana in order to develop data-based means of mainstreaming culture during the elaboration and implementation of the current Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda (GSGDA).

The workshop was also the occasion to establish a coalition of interested parties in the Indicator Suite. In forthcoming weeks, interested participants will take part in working sessions dedicated to each dimension of the Suite in order to share their expertise, and to assist in the contextualization and analysis of the indicators.

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