Workshop for the presentation of results in Uruguay


The Culture for Development Indicator Suite’s preliminary results meeting was held in Uruguay on 8 September 2011.

Coordinated and organized by Equipos Mori, Consultants in charge of the data collection and analysis in Uruguay, of indicators, the workshop was attended by over 20 representatives of different institutions such as Vivi Cultural Project, the National Culture Direction, The National Library, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Tourism, the OPP, The University of the Republic, the Carnival Museum, the Ministry of Education and Culture, AECID/OTC, the MEC Centres, Direction for Creative Industries, the Municipality of Montevideo and the National Department of Education.

The Suite’s results were presented by dimension in order to engage participants in their analysis and interpretation. Participants expressed keen interest in the Suite’s structure, and recognized the national policy relevance of the Suite’s theoretical basis. The workshop reviewed the alternative and additional indicators identified by Equipos Mori in order to further illuminate the relationships between culture and development.

One key outcome of the workshop was the decision to explore mechanisms to monitor the medium-term results of the Suite in order to build on the Suite’s potential for cultural policymaking in Uruguay.

Workshop documents (in Spanish)

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