Presentation Workshop of the Indicator Suite in Uruguay

On 27 July 2011, Uruguay held its introductory workshop at the headquarters of the Equipos Mori Consultants.

The workshop brought together technical experts from different national and international organizations working on culture and development in Uruguay. The aim of this meeting was to identify available data sources for the Culture for Development Indicators Suite and establish technical collaborations and partnerships in Uruguay.

The Equipos Mori team presented the Suite in detail to the participants, explaining its origins and objectives as well as its theoretical and methodological framework. The team also provided an overview of the current state of data research on culture and development in Uruguay, and how the Suite aimed to complement existing strategies.

Lively discussions followed this presentation and important policy issues for Uruguay were identified; like the decentralisation of culture and its territorial distribution.

As a result of this workshop, a solid platform and network of collaborators was established allowing to collect relevant information for the indicators for the UNESCO Culture for Development Indicator Suite.

Workshop documents (in Spanish)

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