Presentation of preliminary results of the UNESCO Culture for Development Indicator Suite in Viet Nam


On 9 March 2012, as one of the key events of the “Culture and Development Week 2012” in Ha Noi, the preliminary results of the UNESCO Culture for Development Indicator Suite were presented to high-level national stakeholders.

Organized by UNESCO Ha Noi, the afternoon session attracted twenty representatives from various government ministries, including the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Training, as well as researchers and the media.

During the workshop, participants were invited to contribute inputs to the calculation, analysis and contextualization of the results. The preliminary results were well received by national stakeholders who expressed the importance of the CDIS for providing concrete and quantifiable measures of the contribution of culture to development in Viet Nam. Participants agreed that certain individual CDIS indicators could be incorporated into the national statistical system and that the Suite is a relevant tool for raising awareness of how and why culture should be integrated and mainstreamed in national development strategies. Media coverage of the event was extensive, reflecting the high level of national interest in quantifying culture’s role in development processes.

Final results of the CDIS will be available in coming months. The General Statistical Office, responsible for the data collection at the national level, will incorporate the feedback from the presentation meeting and harmonise results in line with the CDIS methodology.

Workshop Documents

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