Indicator Suite national workshop in Vietnam

The official launch of the UNESCO Culture for Development Indicator Suite test phase in Vietnam took place on 19 May at the General Statistics Office (GSO) in Hanoi. Organized by the GSO, the local consultant in Viet Nam, and the UNESCO Hanoi office, the workshop brought together key members of different ministries and research institutes to discuss the Indicator Suite test phase and, in particular, how the Suite can provide visibility to the culture and development agenda in the country.

With a high turn-out of participants (close to 30), the workshop mobilized various ministry representatives to reevaluate the role of culture in national development and the importance of cultural indicators, such as those proposed by the Suite, in devising national development strategies.

With representatives from the System of National Accounts, ministries of Education, Communication and Information, Culture, Industry and Finance, as well as universities, the workshop was also an important occasion for interministerial dialogue on data sources related to culture. A key outcome of this workshop was the knowledge-sharing on surveys and other data sources at national level carried out by the different institutions present.

The Indicator Suite will be able to benefit from these exchanges during the test phase in Vietnam, especially in the dimensions related to cultural participation and economy. Furthermore, the meeting allowed already for a revision of indicators related to gender in order to better capture the complexity of gender dynamics in Viet Nam.

GSO is currently working closely with different ministries to collect data for the Suite’s indicators. A final workshop will be held in late July 2011.

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