Final presentation of results in Burkina Faso


The Final Results Presentation Workshop of the UNESCO Culture for Development Indicators (CDIS) took place on June 10, 2014 in Ouagadougou at the Directorate General for Development Cooperation.

Coordinated and organized thanks to the joint efforts of the UNESCO Office in Dakar, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the National Institute of Statistics and Demography, the workshop was attended by 70 representatives from key public institutions and ministries, international development partners, UN agencies, research institutes, civil society and the media.

The workshop was the occasion to present the final results of the CDIS in Burkina Faso and engage participants in their analysis and interpretation, as well as to discuss their statistical merit and the necessary improvements to national statistics systems. Participants expressed a particular interest in the practical and advocacy applications of the CDIS. A discussion on the utility of such indicators to facilitate culture’s integration in national development strategies and monitoring mechanisms ensued.

Please read more about the CDIS in Burkina Faso here.

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