Presentation Workshop in Ecuador


On 12 January 2012, the first national workshop of the UNESCO Culture for Development Indicator Suite was held in Ecuador, co-organized by the Ministry of Heritage and UNESCO.

The workshop was attended by representatives of nine institutions involved in policymaking, statistics and culture and development. The workshop’s discussions and debates provided an invaluable opportunity to exchange data and knowledge, essential for the implementation of the Suite in Ecuador.

Key outcomes of the workshop include the commitment of all present to the UNESCO CDIS in Ecuador, with all agencies expressing their interest in contributing to the achievement of the initial objectives of the project: the compilation of relevant data sources for the construction of the national Suite and the elaboration of the Dimension on Economy of Culture.

In addition, as part of the implementation of the CDIS in Ecuador, the participants agreed to a work schedule of bilateral meetings to be held over the following months.

Workshop documents (in Spanish)

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