Presentation Workshop of the Indicator Suite in Namibia


On December 2, 2011, the UNESCO Culture for Development Indicator Suite was officially launched at the Roof of Africa in Windhoek, Namibia.

Organized by the UNESCO Windhoek Office and a team of local consultants from the Namibia Department of Statistics University, the first technical workshop brought together key stakeholders to discuss the Indicator Suite’s potential in the Namibian context and to establish working partnerships for future collection of data and analysis.

The initiative was well received by a broad group of participants from key ministries, arts and cultural institutions, development agencies and others. The stakeholders showed genuine interest and support for the Indicator Suite in Namibia, recognizing the gaps in the data collected in the area of culture and development, as well as the need for this type of information in order to understand how Namibia’s diverse cultures can contribute to national development processes.

Such an initiative comes at a critical time in Namibia, as the country is currently planning its next five year action plan - the National Development Plan 4 (NDP4). It is the hopes of the stakeholders present at the workshop that the results and evidence highlighted by the Culture for Development Indicator Suite will encourage greater investment in culture in Namibia, both as a valuable component of national development and as an area of statistical research.

In the coming months, the team of local consultants will work together with enthusiastic participants in order to complete the collection of data for the Suite indicators, contextualize and interpret their findings. A final workshop for the presentation of Namibia’s results will take place in spring 2012.

Workshop documents

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