Final Presentation of results in Namibia


The Final Presentation Workshop of the UNESCO Culture for Development Indicator Suite (CDIS) took place on February 14, 2013 in Windhoek, Namibia.

Coordinated and organized by the UNESCO Cluster Office in Windhoek, with the contribution of local consultants from the Department of Statistics of the University of Namibia, the workshop was attended by nearly 30 representatives of key stakeholder institutions.

The workshop was the occasion to present the final results of the Suite in Namibia and engage participants in their analysis and interpretation, as well as to discuss ways of utilizing the results to improve cultural policies and culture’s integration in national development strategies. Participants expressed a great interest in the Suite’s innovative methods as well as in the creation of cultural statistics for the first time in Namibia regarding key areas such as the economy and education.

The moment is ripe for the arrival of such indicators. After previous national development plans and national policies on arts insisted on culture’s inclusion and value for development processes, culture again finds itself marginalized and excluded from the recently published National Development Plan 4. Participants recognized the potential of the CDIS as a tool to create a dialogue with other sectors and advocate for the inclusion of culture in the current development strategies.

Discussions amongst participants ranged from the necessity of developing national surveys for cultural statistics to the relevance of the indicators presented for the monitoring of cultural policies at the national level. At the end of the workshop, the key stakeholders present expressed their enthusiasm towards working together to meet these objectives.

Workshop documents

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