Turning an idea into a partnership project

Once the scope and principles behind a partnership in and for the cultural industries are defined, addressing the different steps of its implementation is essential. In building a partnership, stakeholders must examine their own structures and reflect together on the values and goals that will drive their joint efforts.

Choosing partners, negotiating agreements, implementing and managing cooperation on the ground require preparation. A future partnership’s success depends on a careful analysis of cooperation goals, the profile(s) of participating partner(s) and the resources needed to achieve defined goal(s).

Drawing on its experience, the Global Alliance has divided the partnership process into four consecutive steps:

Step 1: Defining the purpose and establishing partnership objectives

Step 2: Finding partners and negotiating

Step 3: Implementing and developing the partnership

Step 4: Evaluating activities and interactions between partners

This practical guide will help you follow these steps by providing:

  • a targeted approach to the effective development and management of partnerships
  • tools to improve each step in the process;
  • helpful advice on better managing relationships between partners.
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