List of GA projects

From 2002 to 2009, through collaborative arrangements with local project initiators and donors, the Global Alliance has supported over 50 partnership projects intended to help people, institutions and environnements.

These partnership projects were implemented with funding from the Spanish government as well as the Finnish government and the Ford Foundation.



  • Development of a national strategy for the Jamaican music industry
  • Professional training programme for African music industry promoters
  • Creating opportunities for Cuban musicians to develop their professional capacities
  • Musicians’ co-operatives: a new model for developing the African music industry
  • Reinforcing the independent popular music industry in Colombia
  • Sustaining and professionalizing the Festival in the Desert (Mali)
  • Assuring the autonomy and viability of festivals as a vehicle for local economic and social development
  • Creating centres of professional excellence in the field of music in Africa
  • Training for African sound engineers


  • Development of reading in Mauritania
  • Reform and professionalization of the publishing sector in Algeria
  • African Synergy: stimulating intra-African trade in cultural products
  • Improving SME publishers’ competitiveness in Central America
  • Contribution to launching a book fair for Portuguese-speaking
  • African countries Supporting the development of publishing in Cambodia
  • Study and action plan for the development of books in North Africa
  • African books for the most needy African libraries


  • Touring Film Festival for children Nueva Mirada (Argentina)
  • Touring Film Festival Latinos in the USA
  • Docnet Africa: an online source for African audiovisual content
  • Digital short film competition organized in Jordan
  • Fostering the Niger Film IndustryDeveloping quality pan-Arabian television programming for children
  • Film Production Workshop for professional producers in Colombia


  • Sustainable development by the reinforcement of craft enterprises in the department of Cauca (Colombia)
  • A national strategy for the development of small craft businesses associated with the Camino del Inca and the World Heritage site of Machu Picchu (Peru)
  • Promotion of traditional Tibetan textiles on the international market
  • Mediterranean heritage and contemporary creativity
  • New distribution networks for quality craftwork (United States)
  • FabDesign: international competition on the theme ‘Mealtime’


  • Creating an information society and a knowledge economy in Argentina
  • A marketing strategy for museum gift shops in the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
  • Training and assistance for the creation of viable cultural enterprises in 8 European countries
  • 'Haiti: L'esprit Pou Toujou' touring exhibition (Canada)
  • Strengthening the creative industries in ACP countries through employment and trade expansion
  • Training at cultural goods retail outlets in Cuba: strengthening promotional and marketing techniques
  • The Global Alliance, partner of the Canadian Forum on Cultural Enterprise
  • The Global Alliance’s Creative Cities Network
  • Asia-Pacific creative communities: promoting cultural industries for local economic development
  • Development of cultural information network, AFRICINFO


  • Professional training in neighbouring rights in Lithuania
  • Capacity-building in the Zimbabwean collective management society and adapting to the new legislative framework
  • Anti-piracy training for trainers in Sofia
  • Promoting a culture of respect for copyright in Colombia
  • Founding the Namibian Reproduction Rights Organization
  • Strengthening of copyright and related rights in NamibiaBook policy in Senegal, Gambia and Guinea
  • Founding the Namibian Reproduction Rights Organization
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