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For both the European Union (UE) and UNESCO, culture is an important factor of sustainable human development, notably in developing countries. As highlighted by its “Investing in people” thematic programme, the EU strongly supports the UNESCO 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural expressions. Thus, the EU has provided funding for this project that directly implements the Convention.

This expert facility project is meant to respond to the specific needs and priorities of developing countries regarding strengthening their systems of governance for culture, both at national and local level. By providing public authorities/institutions rapid access to high-level expertise, the facility assists them in the implementation of an ongoing project/process related to the governance of the cultural sector. For this reason a pool of experts with varied expertise and experience was established, from which specialists were identified by the beneficiaries to carry out technical assistance missions in these countries.

The project thus endeavours to support beneficiary countries in reinforcing their national human and institutional capacities and in introducing policies that address the role of culture in social and economic development, particularly through the cultural industries. The project also ensures a substantial source of information-exchange concerning good practices, successful experiences and lessons learnt.

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