Argentina: Creating a viable audio-visual content sector for children

In 2010, the Government of Argentina adopted a legislation requiring that TV channels provide content for children for three hours each day, 50% of which must be Argentinean.

Aim of the mission
In the face of a market opportunity for producers of content for children provided by the legislation, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires aims to develop strong domestic audio-visual content sector for children in Argentina as well as an international trade strategy to create new market opportunities for this content abroad. Mr Andrew Senior (United Kingdom) has been selected by the Government authority to assist in building commercially sustainable creative businesses in the field.

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Activities undertaken
During his first country visit in November and December 2011, he held meetings with a wide range of stakeholders (representatives of creative businesses, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Secretary of Culture and the Observatorio de Industrias Culturales) and identified key issues that need to be taken into account when developing strategies for producers of content for children such as: business management models, business ecology focusing on service provision and content creation, importance of changing consumption patterns, export and international collaboration.

During his second country visit in February and March 2012, Mr Senior assisted the City in elaborating a platform which will bring together concerned stakeholders to discuss the future of the market of content for children; understanding the business of the content sector; and its relationship to quality content production and strategies for growth in terms of investment and export opportunities. Through a series of meetings with key stakeholders from different arms of the sector, Mr Senior reinforced the findings of his first visit, notably with the identification of limited support for independent, micro and small business development. The potential and challenge brought by the "one laptop per child" campaign currently taking place in Argentina highlighted the need for the sector to become more flexible in the face of an ever-changing market.

During the third country visit in April and May 2012, Mr Senior notably participated in the design and organisation of a symposium that was initially planned to take place in September 2012, but that has been postponed to a later date. The event will address the key changes occurring in the audiovisual content market in Argentina and other countries, and identify potential business responses in order to keep up with the constantly changing nature of the market. Stakeholders from different branches of the sector as well as different countries will be brought together to share their experience, questions and ideas, creating a new network of creative businesses with an interest in developing sustainable business activities; help lobby the government to support innovative policy development for the content sector for children; and stimulate closer alignment with other policy areas.

Mr Senior developped strategy recommendations, with an emphasis on the need to support the sustainable development of an independent audiovisual production sector. The strategy recommendations also bring national legislation and infrastructure into the picture, to assist the work of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires in order to become a key market for Spanish-language audiovisual content for children.

Follow-up activities
The research conducted by the international expert in 2012 and the intervention of other creative industries involved in the production of content for children and adolescents has led the General Bureau of Creative Industries of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires to create a new audiovisual platform “CIyA XXI” (Content for Children and Adolescents in the XXIst Century), to bring together content producers, to better disseminate Argentine creative contents and to strengthen the position of Buenos Aires within the global audiovisual market.
A study by CIya XXI is currently underway and aims to determine the modes of audiovisual consumption favored by children and adolescents (tablet, television, mobile phone, computer).


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