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Frey, Carly (Canada/Ireland)

Ms Frey is the British Council Creative and Cultural Economy (CCE) Programme Manager and an awardee of the 2010/11 Cultural Leadership International Programme (CLI). Over the past ten years she has worked in the developing world in both multilateral agencies and grassroots organizations on creative programme management, cultural policy advocacy and public/private partnerships. Most notably, she contributed to The Aga Khan Development Network’s edu-social development agenda and the UN’s Global Partnership Initiative for Urban Youth in East Africa.

She has also developed programmes that forge linkages between creative entrepreneurship and intercultural dialogue so as to strengthen the influence and position of the cultural sector, globally and cross-sectorally, as a key agent of economic development and social cohesion. With the British Council’s CCE Programme, she is currently providing support to policymakers in developing the creative economy agenda into wider strategies and interventions by delivering mapping exercises, international seminars, incorporating intermediary agencies, and promoting networks of creative entrepreneurs.

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